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Belladonna 08-03-2014 00:03

Glad to see they have kept the fireplace! Looks very modern and swish. Still miss the old CC though and the great times we had back then. :rolleyes:

Major Tom 08-03-2014 09:57

A very special restaurant when Pierre & Natalie ran it, I wish I could go
back to those days. I always say to my wife when we go to PP you never
know the last time you enjoy a meal in your favourite restaurant. :confused:

kate1 08-03-2014 16:15

There's some great photos on their Facebook page of the opening night. The bar is a triumph IMO - there isn't really anywhere else in Pollensa like it - and the canapés look scrummy - hope the rest of the food is as good!

scotslizzy 07-04-2014 06:48

Any more news of this place ?
Are there any reports on how this new place id doing ?


PP76 07-04-2014 08:42


Originally Posted by scotslizzy (Post 93371)
Are there any reports on how this new place id doing ?


We went to Can Costa on the 18th March, the restaurant is lovely and the staff are extremely friendly and attentive. We started with Tagliatelle Parmesan and Rissotto then Beef tenderloin and Pork Iberico, sorry can't remember what we had for desert, all the food was very good and we will definitely return again in May.:)

debz1 07-04-2014 10:22

We went to have a look at the newly refurbished CC after the Sunday market a few weeks ago. We thought it was a lovely idea ( great marketing) that there was a cocktail waiter offering complimentary Aperol and Cava spritzers and a selection of canapés outside the restaurant. We went inside and were delighted to see Louisa (ex Trencadora) who showed us the menus. The interior of the restaurant looks fantastic..very modern but not stark. It still has the same charm and we were glad to see the projector still there at the top of the stairs! For those that don't know the building was originally a cinema.

They are doing a tasting menu 5 courses for 26€ and 7 courses for 33€. It looked very good. I mentioned the PP forum to Louisa and told her the original CC was very popular and had some great reviews. She was going to take a look, so if you read this Louisa we will see you in May! Can't wait to sample the food:)

scotslizzy 07-04-2014 18:00

Another one to add to the list !

Come June I will have to be very careful not to do my usual trick of visiting the same rests twice !



kate1 14-04-2014 08:42

We were very excited to revisit Can Costa at the weekend as it used to be one of our favourites. It certainly looks the part - the bar in particular is really impressive and it was lovely to be curled up on a big sofa next to the fireplace again (though slightly less lovely when I looked down to see what I think was an offcut from that vile, black Latitude carpet underneath the coffee table - was hoping I'd seen the last of that). I think it's fair to say that the refurb hasn't been quite as extensive as you might assume from the Facebook photos - the loos, for example, whilst very pleasant, haven't had much more than a lick of paint, and I did wonder if some of the furniture round the bar area also dated from Latitude days - it had a slightly makeshift, 'Changing Rooms' feel. But on the whole it's great - a huge improvement.

We were tempted by the five-course tasting menu, particularly as I don't think another restaurant in the Old Town offers this. It came accompanied by a 'chef's offering' of melon and mint soup - quite refreshing, but served at room temperature - it might have been better chilled. The first 'proper' course was a poached egg on a bed of mash, with a choice of garnishes - butifarron, jamon Serrano etc. This was very tasty, but to be honest in terms of execution didn't look any more elegant than a similar dish I'd had earlier in the week as part of a MDD costing 10 euros. The butifarron, for example, consisted of a couple of chunks with no attempt at finesse - as part of a chef's tasting menu I'd expect something a bit more - well - cheffy. The next course was by far the most successful - tagliatelle prepared inside a giant Parmesan at your table and finished with truffle oil. I'd happily have eaten nothing but this. Next came a scallop with citrus salad - very nice, but again lacking the finesse I'm used to seeing on tasting menus. The 'main course' was crispy iberico pork loin with sobrasada - delicious, but a tiny portion. At this point we wished we'd gone for the seven-course option as OH was still starving! Finally we finished off with chocolate brownie and my thoughts on this echo my thoughts on the other courses - obviously prepared by a competent chef, but lacking the creativity and flair you usually see with this sort of food.

Would I go back? Yes -if only to have the tagliatelle - I'm also aware that these are very early days and that they are still finding their way. If I was running this restaurant I would either drop the pretension of the tasting menu or make it a more rustic 'banquet', a celebration of the best of Mallorcan cuisine - I suspect this may be more suited to the chef's style. I'd also present more dishes cooked at the table - really high-quality fillet steak, for example - this would be a USP for Can Costa and worked really well for the Parmesan pasta dish. There are other very good restaurants in Pollensa - at Spiro last week I had the most amazing meal - so I think Can Costa may have to raise its game just a bit.

Belladonna 14-04-2014 08:57

Brilliant post Kate, although not what I was hoping to hear from you! :o Have demoted it a bit on my "restaurants to visit this visit", although if we do have time, I will take your advice and probably just go for normal menu!;)

Sparky 14-04-2014 09:09

Brilliant review Kate, thanks for sharing it with us :).

sws97sdg 14-04-2014 09:21

great report Kate, can you elaborate on this, intriguing!

The next course was by far the most successful - tagliatelle prepared inside a giant Parmesan at your table and finished with truffle oil

debz1 14-04-2014 09:33

Great review Kate but as Belladonna said not as glowing as I had hoped.

The original Can Costa was always going to be a hard act to follow and hopefully these are just early teething problems. I received a video on my Facebook newsfeed from Can Costa the other day of a cooking demonstration. I started watching it and it showed the chef filleting (?) a squid. It took me a little while to realise that the squid was still alive! I stopped watching immediately but it left me feeling quite sick and uneasy. I thought it a quite unnecessary thing to record and post on a social network and don't think it will help in promoting the restaurant.

sws97sdg 14-04-2014 10:03

Saw that too Debs, also stopped watching, didn't realise it was them doing it, I never went to CC or L so probably wont be going here either!! :mad:

kate1 14-04-2014 10:59

Sws, the (pre-cooked) tagliatelle is placed inside a giant Parmesan - quite literally - most of the cheese has already been removed but some is left and this is mixed with the tagliatelle before the pasta is removed and additional sauce is added. Not sure to what extent it enhances the flavour but it was delicious and seemed a popular choice. I wonder if the hollowed-out cheeses are a byproduct of the cheese industry - I've had a similar dish in Amsterdam but never seen it in the UK.

Debz, what you say about the squid is gross! - glad I didn't have that now... I don't want to discourage people from going there as hopefully it will find its feet - but at present, Spiro is doing the same sort of thing (ie modern Mediterranean) quite a bit better.

Belladonna 14-04-2014 13:37

Remind me where that one is please Kate?

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