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Bedfordboy 15-09-2008 16:30

Cap de Canto
I see sameone has moved into Cap d canto,do you know who it is?

Mariquita 16-09-2008 08:19

It has been taken over by Gary Hardley and is being advertised as a "best of British" bistro.

phil 16-09-2008 11:10

Can highly recommend Cap d Canto have been twice already and both times it as superb and good value, in fact I shall be going again today for a menu.

Sharonh 16-09-2008 20:54

Where is it?

Belladonna 16-09-2008 21:41

Directions are in A-Z of Restaurants.

Cocoa07 17-09-2008 12:50

What Joy!
Why does PP need a 'best of british bistro' or am I missing something?
We are visiting Mallorca not Britain...

Gommar Goffer 17-09-2008 14:10

My sentiment entirely!!

Sparky 17-09-2008 15:58

Doesn't do it for me either, but each to their own and look on the bright side, it leaves plenty of space for us to enjoy our favourite Mallorcan/ Spanish eateries.:D;)

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