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Lala70w 13-07-2008 11:16

Los Zarzales
We were really excited about our visit to Los Z. (do you really pronounce it "Loth Tharthaleth"? :eek:) We had a table for 8 in the garden and it's a lovely setting with nice table linen and fairy lights. The staff were friendly and the place filled up quickly.

Food was a mixed bag I am afraid. The main problem was the amount of salt added to the food. Mains of suckling pig, lamb, fresh pasta, veggy rice, and chicken were all tasty if a little over seasoned but the veggies - in particular the potatoes - were completely inedible they were so salty. Similarly, the veggy paella was declared too salty to eat.

We didn't want to complain (particularly as the table behind were making a right fuss about the wait for their food but we were happy to sit and wait in the lovely setting) but a gentle mention to the manageress (who is lovely) and we got free ice-cream and coffees on the house. Great - yes but this is where it all started to go pear shaped. In the confusion 1 ice-cream was missed and when I mentioned it to another waitress she turned really snotty and asked me if "I spoke English" - er for the record I was speaking English and yes she intended this as complete cheek!

Then got the bill - overcharged by a bottle of wine...er I was starting to lose my temper now. Spoke politely to Manageress and she was absolutely mortified. Corrected the bill and apologised for the rude waitress and saltiness and overcharging...

Whoops! An off night I hope. Would give this place another try as I thought is had great potential. Which says something after what we put up with. Maybe better in a smaller group.

Cost for 8 mains, bread, water, soft drinks, couple beers and 2 bottles Macia Batle (and free ice-cream and coffee) 185 Stress levels - high.


terryw 13-07-2008 11:25

We took a look at Los Zarzales on the night we ended up at La Goletta. Seemed a little pricey for us, but what swayed it was that there were 3 musicians outside who seemed rather noisy and annoying. Reading your review, I think we probably made the right choice.
Sorry to hear you had a poor meal, I know from my Makasser experience how disappointing it can be

supamac 13-07-2008 13:01

What a disappointment Lala! I have bumped into the chef from Los Z a couple of times in Fletcher's - English bloke who should know better about seasoning! If he reads this, perhaps he will tone down the salt a bit?

Sparky 13-07-2008 13:15

Hubby and i have often said we will try Los Z, but i am afraid we can't have much salt so we won't be going there. Does the chef not know that too much salt is very bad for you.:eek::confused:

debz1 13-07-2008 16:08

This is one of my favourite restaurants in PP but I too had really salty suckling pig on my last visit, which is strange as it's never been the case before. Don't think they've changed chefs :confused: I know Yolanda reads these posts, and as you say Lala she is so charming and will be mortified.

O Lume, C'an Andreu and Cellar la Parrar are also far too heavy with the salt IMO (especially the lamb ). It's such a shame as too much salt just masks the taste of the food...you can always add it at the table if you want more. And as sparky said it's so bad for you :(


Rab 30-07-2008 19:15

We had lunch in Los Zarzales last week and along with Trio and tango it must be one of the best value for money restaurants in PP. 16 euros for MDD which include olives, bread, water, beer etc. Stunning food in a stunning setting.

Disorderly 30-07-2008 20:56

Sad but true......everyone's favourite restaurant has an "off night" from time to time. Also a fantastic dining experience is benchmarked against your expectations, and what you are generally used to.

So while some folk are easily pleased, others are more demanding.

I find the reviews here very interesting, and useful, but there are restaurants that many people rave about that I've tried, and wouldn't go back to. O'Lume springs to mind.

It's all about personal taste......until the restaurant has an "off night"!

Happy eating.

Corkey 02-08-2008 17:40

Just got back from PP, thought the food was good if a little pricy 90euros for 3 adults and 2 children - starter, main, bottle of wine and drinks for the children

darbo23 03-08-2008 13:47

Just back from PP and after having a nice meal at Los Z last year we were looking forward to going back. Unfortunately it didn't quite live up to expectation. I had the pork wrapped in cabbage and hubby had the lamb chops, which don't get me wrong, were very tasty in themselves, but it came with 4 slices of potato, which were extremely salty and that was it. Daughter no.1 had chicken croquets which she asked for the baked potato with thinking it was a jacket spud, but again it was the 4 slices of salty potato. I think for what we paid and the amount of food we actually got on the plate it was poor value for money, especially when there are other places that are just as tasty but cheaper and you get a decent plate of food. Tango's, Tolo's and Brisas (the one next to IRU) are just a few.

snowy2007 03-08-2008 20:25

What oh What is happening, I am sure they will not let this carry on Debz hurry out and sort please.

debz1 03-08-2008 23:10

Will do Snows!!!

I will talk to Yolanda on our next visit as the salty food is now becoming more than just a one off :(

pinewalker 06-08-2008 15:26

Los Zarzales
We also have just got back from a couple of weeks in PP and also almost ate at Los Zarzales, but the the 3 elderly gentlemen, (Spanish Musicians?) parked between a couple of tables all night long playing that stuff, thanks but no thanks.

No one likes a little world music more than me, but even if it's Ry Cooder with the best Tex-Mex band in the world, a couple of songs is quite enough.

I also noticed one or two other couples wandering hesitantly up and down past the restaurant, before turning and heading back towards La Goletta and the main road. Still, each to their own as they say.

Red Robbo 06-08-2008 17:40

Oh dear - I owe my wife an apology...
We always have at least one meal at Los Zarzales during our annual stay in PP which we did again this time - two weeks ago.
Everything was absolutely spot on - service, atmosphere, starters, wine - until my wife's main course.
My lamb chops with garlic were excellent - but the mussels she had requested for a main dish were extremely salty.
I tasted a couple and agreed but said I could have managed them at a push.
But she ended up leaving the vasty majority of them because of the salty sauce.
We never complained - typical Brits you may say! - and we would go back again.
But as someone says on this thread - maybe all would benefit from a quiet word!!!

Sparky 06-08-2008 18:22

What a shame, this problem with salty food could put an awful lot of people off eating here. It seems to me that apart from this, most customers are happy with the place.
Debz do you have an email address?, maybe you could contact the owner before too much damage is done to her business.:eek:

debz1 06-08-2008 23:12

I'm out in three weeks and would rather have a quiet word with Yolanda then send an email. The salty food is obviously becoming a real problem..I hoped my experience was a one off but it's happened too often for that.

I'm also a bit concerned about the 'elderly musicians' which if they are positioned between the tables sounds as if they are being paid by the restaurant to perform :eek: Oh dear I agree with pinewalker not my idea of a good night out!!

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