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Fifer 04-05-2019 21:25

What happened to Guru?
We arrived today for our usual May week in the Port and were gutted to find our go-to (twice a week normally) restaurant closed up. Tables gone, windows whitewashed, looking totally closed. What happened?

sleepyboaby 05-05-2019 22:26

One of our places to go as well.Hope itís not shut shop😧

Luckjon 06-05-2019 10:09

I am sorry to say that it is permanently shut. Ramon and Eliza-anne have been there for 7 years but have found it a real financial challenge in the last year. Some days they would have to turn people away because they were so busy and then go days with virtually no customers. They also had a baby last January (2018) and practical part of parenting also took its toll.

All the catering equipment etc. was sold off in November and it is in a bit of a sorry state now.

Fifer 06-05-2019 15:11

That's very sad but I wish them well in whatever they are doing now. But I will miss their sea bream and their pizzas ...

Gaz88 16-06-2019 08:13

Yeah, such a shame. I absolutely loved that place

Luckjon 16-06-2019 18:51

Just bumped into Elizanne and she tells me that Raymond is now a chef at El Casinet.

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