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Harters 29-06-2015 16:17

Trencadora, June 2015
What a lovely outside space in which to eat dinner!. The walled garden is just perfect for summer. It makes for a really good evening, even though youíre eating at a pretty much bog standard Italian just like the one near wherever you live.

Pizza was good. Thin, crisp base. Flavoursome tomato sauce. The right balance and quantity of toppings.

Iím a sucker for tiramisu. I keep hoping Iíll come across a good one. But, so often, theyíre a let down with not enough oomph from espresso and booze. Well, Trencadora gets it half right Ė there is a distinct flavour of coffee, but little evidence on booze. I liked it, but the quest for a good one, outside of Italy, continues. Orange cake wasnít up to much. Not least, as it was a tart, rather than a cake. The pastry was overly thick and claggy. The custard filling was OK,as was the topping of orange slices and shreds of orange peel. One of those plates of food that you get bored with halfway through and canít bother to finish.

Rosie34 29-06-2015 19:22

Agree - it is a lovely setting for a meal especially under the pergola listening to the fountain trickling in the background:)

mallorcaboy 29-06-2015 20:22

We used to eat here 10-12 years ago. It was really amazing but I hear it has declined a bit. Shame. It's a lovely setting though.

klad1 02-07-2015 09:54

This place has changed hands a few times over the past 12 years. Current owners are ex Cantonet. They do very reasonable consistently delicious meals in a beautiful setting.

kate1 02-07-2015 10:07

We've been coming here for years. It doesn't quite have the same atmosphere since the delightful waitress (think she's Swedish) left a year or so ago (she's now working in Ca'n Costa). Since then the menu has been changed slightly and some of my favourite dishes (including a great beef stew) have been removed. No lunchtime MDD any more either. We were also a little chagrined in April that the seafood pasta offered to my husband on the specials menu was charged at a rather extortionate 19 Euros - yes, it was good and very fresh, and yes, we should have asked the price before ordering - but given that the other pasta dishes on the main menu are a fraction of that price, it came as a shock. Lesson learned. But we were all pleased with our meals - the pizzas are every bit as good as they used to be, and I particularly love the Trencadora pizza with sobrasada, almonds and honey. As Harters says, it's a joy to be able to eat outside in a garden - although the interior of the building is beautiful too.

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