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Bars & Restaurants in Pollensa, Majorca Where to eat and drink. For great reviews and comments on bars, cafes and restaurants. Do give locations if possible.

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Old 28-06-2005, 07:05
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Default mestrel bar/restaurant

Has anyone had drinks along the water front at the mestrel?
Just arrived back after a few days away in PP and whilst I was there decided on having a drink at the mestral bar, have been there a few times but not one I go to often. As it was really hot, we chose a table right on the water front so we could enjoy the sea breeze and we waited and waited. Eventually, almost dying of thirst I got up and approached the waiter for a drink and he told me he wasn't going to walk to our table as he was too hot! However I ordered our drinks at the bar and then was presented with our drinks on a tray which I had to carry out myself! How I didn't drop them as I was laughing so much when I saw my hubbys puzzled face, I don't know. Needless to say we didn't leave a tip!and they didn't even offer me a waitressing job. lol:lol :
Might give that one a miss in August, unless its raining. Sangria was good though.
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Old 28-06-2005, 07:06
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Unfortunately you obviously got the waiters on a bad day!! They can be a bit eccentric [stroppy] at times , but if you jolly them along they come round...usually! We have been going there for years and found out recently,after commenting to someone that it is always the same waiters, that they have shares in the restaurant. I agree they are sometimes a bit brusque but they do work their .......socks off Give it another chance, they do do the best pizzas in town
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Old 29-06-2005, 06:30
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Have also used mestrels for years now and have also found them quite stroppy.
They have got tables in a nice position though so will probably give them another look in the summer hols, so long as I don't have to carry the tray again. Actually I didn't mind carrying my own drinks it was the fact that they were too hot to serve us!
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Old 21-07-2005, 06:09
Posts: n/a

Like others we have been going for years, for breakfast or coffee or a snack type lunch. The waiters are a hoot, once you know what to expect (it can be a bit Fawlty Towersish at times) Perhaps we were lucky as our pre teen and early teen kids ate there a lot and struck up some kind of rapport with the waiters, which rubbed off on us once they worked out we were their parents. You would not describe the service as fawning (sometimes not even polite !!) (though one of them will burst into song every so often) but it makes for an entertaining time, if you can be bothered with that sort of thing......if not just go down the road, there are plenty of options. One thing though, walk by at 9am and have breakfast and see who serves you, go back at lunchtime, it is the same staff, drop back in for a nightcap at the end of the evening, the same guys are there. They may not be the politest in the world, but you cant criticise the work ethic.
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Old 27-07-2005, 17:13
debz1's Avatar
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Location: Buckinghamshire
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Hi Hunter!

Totally agree with your comments re Mestral and the waiters :eek Once you get to know them and take their slightly strange manner (humour) with a pinch of salt they really are a great bunch of guys.

The hours they work,and in the heat, would be enough to make any one a bit tetchy >: but if you give as good as you get (in a joky way ) they are great. The 'Fawlty Towers' description was very accurate!

Incidently the reason they work such long hours, and the staff never change from year to year is that they all have a share in the business.

Chels is looking forward to his La Mama and me my Ensalada Exotica in a few weeks :b

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Old 27-07-2005, 23:21
Posts: n/a

it was our first stop when we had just arrived, superb position, but slightly unenthusiastic service but we were in no hurry.... not sure if we went back or not, all the places on that terrace/promenade/front bit seem to merge into each other, as we tended to later on at night...
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Old 13-08-2005, 05:12
pinot g
Posts: n/a

We to were put off by the abrupt service, but after reading the above posts I wish we had sat back and watched the show. will certainly give it another go!!
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