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its cd 08-07-2012 09:26

El pi de Formentor
L'arbre i un poema. El Pi de Formentor - YouTube

I came across this lovely little film ...... It fascinated me , despite the fact that I can't really understand it :)

However I did work out that it's all about a famous Poem El pi de Formentor

very basic google translate version below helps with understanding of little film for those with as rubbish grasp of Spanish as myself

The Pine of Formentor

There is a tree on my land that worships the heart:

cedar is its foliage, the green grass;

nestled among evergreen spring

and drag turbiones that hit the shore,

aņoso fighter.

He came round the flower branches in love,

the fountain is not going to kiss your plants;

but his face bathed in flavors consecrated

and coastal terrain is steep,

for the deep source Tues

Seeing the waves scratch the divine light,

not hear faint trill which gives pleasure to man;

hears the cry of the wild sea eagle,

or feel the huge wing dominates the storm

shake his glass.

The slime of the earth does not mean making support;

twists its roots in hard rocky place.

Drink dew and rain, radiant light and wind;

and that old prophet receives food

of celestial effluvium.

Tree sublime! I guess life teaches,

august immensity dominates everywhere.

If it takes you is the earth, celestial destination

loves, and even serve the thunder and whirlwind

glory and pleasure.

Oh! yes, that when attacked the bank free

winds and waves with horrid din,

then laughs and sings with the fierce storm,

broken clouds and the august hair

shakes winner.

Tree, I envy your luck! On earth impure

a sacred ideal figure I see in you.

Fighting, constant beat, looking from above,

live and feed on heaven and pure light ...

Oh life, oh noble being!

Up, O strong soul! Disdains filthy mud,

and rooted in the austere peaks eagerly.

You see the waves crashing at the foot of this world,

and free and kingfishers on the deep sea

your songs will fly.

Sparky 08-07-2012 09:30

That's brilliant CD, thank you for posting it :D:D.

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