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Colynnshep 04-09-2006 02:58

Paintings of Puerto Pollensa
Evertime I am in PP I am on the lookout for a painting of it to give pride of place at home. I have had to be content with black and white postcards in frames around my home. I've looked on ebay and all that comes up are old picture postcards. Is there any where out there that can grant me my wish of a picture of PP - be it a watercolour, an oil or an acrylic painting?

smiddy 04-09-2006 16:35

Paintings of PP
Sorry ,Colynnshep i can't think of anything at the mom. I,m sure some of the others will manage to come up with something. Nxt time you're there ask around, i'm sure some of the locals will come up with something.

Question to the board?

We have a couple of limited prints in our apartment of various scenes around PP, the Church/ the Steps in Pollensa Town, Vora Mora beach showing the old "Coach House" restaurant. They are in fine black ink, unfortunately i can't make out the artists sig. We bought them around 15 years ago around the shops in the port. As i said they were limited prints normally 150 of each. I haven't seen any of them for years, they're first class, i would expect they're hanging in apartments, more likely people took them home with them. They were quite prevelent at the time. Does anyone remember them? Or could they supply more info on the artist Etc?

its cd 06-09-2006 04:43

Re: Paintings of PP
Oh Smiddy , you've just brought back great memories ...... the Coach House was great

Gommar Goffer 31-03-2007 23:04

Re: Paintings of PP
Hi - I buy quite a few watercolours (unmounted) from an old boy, who is the artist, and has a pitch at Pollensa market - normally on the corner of the street at the bottom right hand corner of the square.

Also there is a little gallery on the Calvari steps which sometimes has some inexpensive LEPs.

Also the little bar in the top lefthand corner of the little square at the bottom of the Calvari steps (run by a nice English couple) had some interesting pen and ink drawings of the local area last November.

Sea Captain 22-06-2010 22:17

A while back, I came across a print of the coach house before Little Italy.
The author is Riumb niemri... something! Is it the same one as you have Smiddy?
Or is it a different one?


The Sea Captain :)

mearsy 23-06-2010 09:48

Oil paintings by artist Sonya Bresciani in Pollensa, Mallorca

Try this link. It came from Il Giardino in Polllensa. :)

Diver Val 03-07-2010 08:54

Hi my name is Val (Diver Val) and I have a home in Puerto Pollensa so visit regularly. I am a watercolorist and have often painted scenes of the area. If you would like to discuss a painting or look at my work, please get in touch.

diver Val

susiejb 03-07-2010 09:34

Hi there,
My husband and I both paint, mine are of the whacky variety and quite mad:D
The preferred optionfor you would be Daves simple seascapes -they are oil on canvas.
Price usually starts at about £50.
There would be no obligation to buy, as we sell our paintings down here in Cornwall anyway.
Please send a private message if you are interested.


Smiddy 29-09-2010 14:26

sorry Sea Captain just seen this
yes this is the print that we have
great memories of our children climbing the big
tree which is no longer there

fil6699 30-09-2010 13:38

While on this topic about 20 years ago we were on the pine walk beach in front on the Hostel Bahia . We sat there every day with the Children. At the time a Gentleman was painting the view of the beach. when we looked at the picture as it was almost complete we noticed he had included in the picture our son who was just 2 years old at the time and spent all day running up and down the beach by the waters edge dragging his fishing net behind him and waring his white tee shirt down past his knees to keep him covered from the sun and his white hat. We so wanted the painting at that time but never got the opportunity to purchase it.
I have spent the last 20 years looking in every art shop , Car boot sale etc in PP and around in the hope I will find it.
here is a long shot if any body thinks they have seen this painting let me know I would love to purchase it.

stephen utting 22-02-2011 14:02

Hi I am stephen utting I have a mate who is an artist who lives in the port he has just done a nice big painting of the port or also can do anything you want you can contact me on or 00447785574747 i will put you in contact with him for you to discuss it thanks

Lorenzo 25-03-2011 13:36

Oil Paintings
I could not spot any paintings of PP but some of local areas - like Pollensa, Cala San Vicente, Cala Figuera etc. They are really lovely and capture the feel and mood of the place.


I see that the painter also takes on commissions too.

Simpy75 25-03-2011 15:41

If you find any of PP please let me know as i too would like to take a painting home. If would be wonderful if we could get one from the sea/beach of Villa Lorrenzo Little Italy Katy's area.

pollensamoon 16-05-2011 19:40

There is a very good painter called David Mynett who exhibits at the number nine gallery in Birmingham. He is a retired barrister who has villa near Alcudia/pollenca and paints around the area and also offers courses at the villa. Look up the gallery just to look! They are not cheap but they are the best by far I have seen of the area, he does a variation in different landscapes, all good! the gallery is online by the way, google it.

PP76 16-05-2011 22:26


The David Mynett paintings look very good, it's likely that I will be in the Birmingham area later this year and I will make a visit to the Gallery.



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