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Peachpiano 25-04-2017 16:26

1961 frontage Brisas, Iru and Cactus bars

May have posted this years ago on this board, but worth reposting for all you newbies that have only been going for thirty plus years 😉. I think the space between buildings is where the Daina now stands.

My first visit to PP in 1961 with my granny. I'm the one in the green dress. Probably off for a picnic to Calle Caletas with Guillermo in his boat Byp.

Don't think the link is working.

Gp1602 25-04-2017 18:40

Gosh how it has changed!

Magic Hat 30-04-2017 08:39

Some really interesting pictures there, thanks for sharing.:)

pollensafan 05-06-2017 18:22

Wonderful shots.

What I would have given to see it like that. I'm probably one of the few that wish it was still like that now.

Still, time moves on and that which does not change stagnates and dies.

Those old pictures reminds me of the old black and white one you see in some of the bars. It's an old sailing boat with some children playing at the front.

Well one of those children when in his 90's was still going into the brisa Marina for a tinto or two.

seista key 14-08-2017 09:26

Great photos of an innocent PP. THANK YOU

Mark 14-08-2017 16:50

The link to 'peachpianos' album is here:


The good old days eh !

No airbnb and easyjet in those days...

Rosie34 14-08-2017 18:27

Fabulous photos thank you! Wonder where the restaurant was across the flimsy bridge :)

pescador2009 15-08-2017 11:40

Rosie, if it's the same photo I was looking at I would suggest it is in the pleasant bay at Camp de Mar in the south of the island not too far from Andratx.
Other places I believe I spotted included Soller, Valldemossa, Cala St. Vicente, Porto Christo, Alcudia, the terrace at the Cuevas de Campanet, Castillo del Rey, as well as
Alcudia and all the PP / Pollensa Town / Palma photo's that many will recognise.
All bring back good memories, but about 20 years and onwards later, than when the photo's were taken. Lovely to see.

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