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Millipet 16-07-2017 10:44

Bank charges
Hope this is posted in the right place.
Can anyone tell me what their Spanish Bank charges for debit cards held on their account.
Also what their annual charge is for 'Non Residencia' processed through their bank account. We have had some unexpected charges recently at La Caixa Bank, to where our account was transferred after Barclays closed over a year ago.

Lorenzo 16-07-2017 20:13

Unless you hold an 'Expansion account' with Banco Sabadell (paying in 700 euros or more each & every month) , they are now charging a whopping 24 euros per quarter just for having the account and a further 28 euros per year for the honour of having one of their cards.
They are also now charging for using the card for purchases as well, in addition to drawing out money at any other cashpoint. :mad:

Millipet 16-07-2017 20:24

Lorenzo, do you mean all Banks are charging this or is it just La Caixa?

Lorenzo 16-07-2017 21:10

Sorry - these are the Banco Sabadell charges that I am now getting.
It seems very expensive to me....maybe other forum members can indicate a better bank deal for non-residents?

Millipet 16-07-2017 21:53

Thanks for explaining Lorenzo. At the moment la Caixa are charging 12euros a quarter for the account and strangely have charged 28euros on one card and 23 euros on the second card even though we have never used them other than for cash at the machine. Seriously thinking about not having cards at all. Will just have to draw money at the counter instead.
Hopefully, other members will tell us what their banks are charging.

Teacu 17-07-2017 09:44

At Banca March for an account with debit card and passbook (but no interest) I'm charged Eur 32 In February and August and Eur 20 each February.

Gommar Goffer 17-07-2017 11:05

I bank with Santander and get charged about 30 a year for each debit card and various other charges through the year - in total it probably costs about 100 a year to have a bank account and I do not pay much in on a regular basis. I need to look at the cost more closely and see about changing.

Jamjar 28-08-2017 12:47

I'm with Santander too and have recently signed up their 123 account. you still pay charges but provided you have money coming in regularly, at least three direct debits going out, and you make a credit card purchase once per quarter, there are various benefits, including cash back on utility payments. I'm not sure how this compares with other banks.

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