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Birty 09-10-2017 12:57

La Fortaleza open days?
Hi new to this forum so I hope this works and hi all from SE uk....Following our 5th visit to the area we did a bit of research on La Fortaleza. I was surprised to find the owner is a Lancashire lad like myself! Lord Lupton.. We believe that there are open days every year and wondered if anyone is aware of the dates etc? We would love to time a visit for such an event.

kate1 10-10-2017 10:40

I am fairly sure there is a requirement for the owner to open to the public four days a year - strictly no press allowed, and no taking photos - but I have never seen these days advertised. The Tourist Board in PP might/should know. I'd assume the open days happen during the colder months when La Fortaleza is less likely to be hired out for parties/weddings etc - given the stratospheric amount that those hiring it pay.

Birty 10-10-2017 10:56

Yes I suppose that they dont want people to know really.. Oh well would have been good to see..I have no access to Tourist board at the mo.. Thanks

KWUK2 10-10-2017 20:39

I asked about this at the Tourist Information Office - and was told they never get to hear about the open days. (The owner obviously doesn't want public visitors)

Birty 11-10-2017 13:27

ok thanks for info... disappointed though :(

lollipop 11-10-2017 21:23

To my knowledge it has never been open for the open days .

clinkham 12-10-2017 22:15

Reading up on this, the reasons for which will become clear,it seems there has been a problem with the 'general public' as opposed to personal guests entering Fortalesa via the back gate to the Naval base. Apparently there was an arrangement with the C.O. that a list of visitors had to be produced before their arrival. Bit more to it, but basically not very straight forward to allow the general public to roam the outer edges of the base. An extreme example would be ramblers walking through Faslane RN base. Can't see that being allowed....

Anyway, I reckon Lord Lupton is a jolly fine chap:a local boy made good in the City. I'm halfway between where his family firm was located in Accrington and the town he grew up in, Clitheroe.
The only blot on his c.v. was donating 2.5m to the Conservative party.
Not to worry, everyone stumbles occasionally along lifes badly paved pathes.(Particularly Lancs County Council pavements)

Just so people who matter are aware:we shall be out for our annual June (2018) birthday party for granddaughter. This is the high spot of her holidays. She is now of the age she can appreciate the finer things in life and her braces will have been consigned to the bin... if anyone knows of a venue that may be available??..........;)

Birty 08-11-2017 11:01

Clinkham: Between Accy and Clitheroe that must be Whalley!! I am from the area originally and I do believe Lord Lupton was from Waddington.
Just watched a re run of The Night manager on amazon prime and it really does show off the estate to its best!

clinkham 08-11-2017 22:09

From Clitheroe originally, then the family moved a couple of miles to Waddington, if I read the press cuttings correctly. :)

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